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Serving west St. Louis County for over 30 years!

Serving west St. Louis County for over 30 years!


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Drainage Improvements & Repair

Problems with:

  • Standing water?
  • Muddy yard?
  • Wet basement?

We are experienced in dealing with any number of outdoor drainage and standing water issues.  We work with surface and sub-surface water control issues using a variety of products and techniques to eliminate drainage problems.

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Tips about drainage
Due to the impermeability of clay soil, water is only picked up at places where drains exist.  (Same as a catch basin.)

French drains are basically continuous drains when installed for the purpose of surface drainage.  Water (run-off) does not migrate laterally across the soil surface unless there is about a 5% or more grade.

French drains are very laborious to install because not only does even more dirt/clay have to be excavated, that material has to be loaded and hauled off.  Also, gravel fill has to be hauled back in to replace the material hauled off.

French drains, if adjacent to a foundation with an existing drainage problem, can cause increased infiltration problems due to inviting run-off to supersaturate soil/strata at lower levels.


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