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Serving west St. Louis County for over 30 years!

Serving west St. Louis County for over 30 years!


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Lawn & Tree Care

We offer extensive lawn and tree care services; mowing, lawn treatment, tree & shrub treatment, tree care & removal, mole & vole control.

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Following is more information on the services we offer:

We offer weekly mowing and lawn maintenance services.

Mowing includes:
    Catch clippings (optional)

Mowing Tips

  • For the best cut, sharpen your mower blades at least once per month.
  • Adjust the cutting height on the mower for the season:
    • Medium-height in the spring and fall.
    • Higher adjustment during the summer months when the grass growth is slower.
  • Frequent mowing with a regular mower or using a mulching mower will avoid the necessity of bagging your lawn clippings; however, you may catch the clippings if you prefer.
  • To achieve a quality appearance mow in a different direction (diagonal, horizontal, or vertical side-to-side patterns) each time.


Lawn Treatment Program
Our 4-part lawn care application program is designed to maintain your lawn by eliminating weeds and enhancing the growth of your turf.  (We also offer a 3-part treatment program for Zoysia grass)

Treatment #1:  (March/April)
    Pre-emergent to control crabgrass
    Broadleaf weed spray

Treatment #2:  (May/June)
    Broadleaf weed spray

Treatment #3:  (August/September)
    Broadleaf weed spray

Treatment #4:  (October/November)
    Core aerification


Tree Treatment Program
Our 3-part tree and shrub treatment program ensures the maximum care for your trees and shrubs to provide long life.

Early Spring:
    Dormant oil application to control scale and hatching
    Spider mites

Mid Spring:
    Borer and Aphid control

    Bagworm and Mite control

NOTE:  These are broad spectrum applications.  Other applications may be necessary depending upon specific problem and conditions.


Tree Care & Removal
Our tree work services include trimming, thinning, re-shaping, removing, and stump grinding*.

Our services includes:
    Grind the stump
    Dig out and haul off grindings
    Fill with topsoil
    Seed and straw or patch with sod

*Many times people who do stump grinding only grind the stump and leave you with a pile of wood chips.


Mole & Vole Control
Mole & Vole Repellent® is the effective, all-natural way to deter relentless moles and voles from lawns and landscaped garden areas.  Mole & Vole Repellent® has been thoroughly researched and tested to ensure superior product performance while maintaining eco-friendly standards.

Benefits at-a-glance:
    Environmentally safe
    Pet friendly
    Long-lasting organic product


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