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Serving west St. Louis County for over 30 years!

Serving west St. Louis County for over 30 years!


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Sprinkler Systems

We install and service Rainbird®, Toro®, and Weathermatic® lawn sprinkler systems.  We can take care of all of your lawn sprinkler needs including spring start-up, annual maintenance, winterizing, and backflow preventer testing.

Because we are also in the landscape design and maintenance business we give proper consideration to plant and lawn moisture balance.

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Watering Tips

  • Most lawns require about one inch of water per week.
  • Use a rain gauge in your lawn to measure weekly rainfall.
  • When measuring water input to your rain gauge from your sprinkler, note the time it takes to deliver one inch ... this will tell you how long to have the sprinkler active during watering periods.
  • If you have rainfall measuring one inch or more, watering with a sprinkler is not necessary that week.
  • If rainfall measures less than one inch in a week then you should water your lawn with a sprinkler to make up the difference.
  • Water during daylight hours if possible.
  • Heavy watering every three to five days is better for your lawn than light, frequent watering.
  • Look for lack-of-water stress signs:
    • Grass turns a silvery-blue in areas and if not watered soon, will turn brown.
    • Footprints in the lawn.  Grass does not spring back after being stepped on when it needs water.
  • WATERING NEW SEEDLINGS:  For new lawns the key is to water frequently, not deeply until the new grass plants are well established.


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